Flats Bistro

We're on the beach.

Located steps off Rio Del Mar Beach, we are excited to open our doors, and bring a slice of happiness to our local and beach going friends. 

Try our brick oven artesian pizza, made with a sour dough crust, fire roasted tomato sauce, and lots of great toppings. The Brick oven thin crust pizzas are fabulous, the sour dough crust is thin with a little olive oil, 12" pie and by the slice.

We also have a great selection of delicious pastries, croissants, muffins, scones, cookies, carrot cake, myers lemon cake, and much more, all made fresh in house, or by our friends at Kelly's Bakery. 

Of course, we brew the very best coffee. A perfect compliment to start your day, or to accompany a relaxing stroll down the promenade. Our full espresso bar offers lattes, cappuccino, Americano, mocha, and more. 

The owner, Jeanne Harrison, who owns The Cafe Rio a seafood restaurant next door, is excited to open Flats Bistro. The name Flats comes from the locals calling the area Rio Del Mar Flats. This is where many people come daily to walk the promenade along the ocean or just relax on the sandy beach.

Flats is a great place to eat in or take out to the beach. We look forward to serving you, and creating a home here in Rio Del Mar.

Flats Bistro is dog friendly

We Love Dogs!!

Oh, And don't forget to bring your best friends. We have a special place in our hearts for all of the wonderful dogs that stop by... We even have a little treat for them.